Some darn good food, all grown right in your own backyard!

From the hills of Bethlehem Township to the Delaware River Valley, the 579 Trail is your path to taste the wonders of this historical agricultural region.

Farmers Markets

Head down to the road to the market

Visit your local farmers market for fresh produce, meats, eggs, and more. Find the one nearest to you!


Cows, Chickens, and Corn, Oh My! 

Taste fresh locally grown produce, meats, and more! All right here in your own Hunterdon backyard.


Drink like George Washington

Taste the wine and hard cider, grown on the hills and fields where revolutionaries once roamed in 1776.

Featured Restaurant: Market Pizza

Expand your taste buds with unique toppings such as Blueberries, Peaches, Meyer Lemons in the summer and keep an eye out for the annual pizza fundraiser for Hunters Helping the Hungry (HHH) in the Winter. An organization dedicated to supplying NORWESCAP with local venison. The money raised helps offset the expense for the processing. To date Market Pizza has helped raise over 50 thousand meals. Look for the next event in January/February 2020 with four weeks of wild game pizzas including Venison for HHH. I’m fortunate that I can use my art of pizza creations to help others.

To learn more, visit the restaurant online

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