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Some darn good food, all grown right in your own backyard!

From the hills of Bethlehem Township to the Delaware River Valley, the 579 Trail is your path to taste the wonders of this historical agricultural region.

Featured Farm:

Ironbound Farm

At Ironbound Farm, our 108-acre transitional organic farm in the New Jersey Highlands, our crew uses regenerative farming practices to manage our vegetable crops, infusion plantings, and our extensive orchard of heritage cider apples, which includes the East Coast’s largest planting of Newark’s own Harrison apple — early America’s most renowned cider apple.

Although managing crops without the conventional chemical arsenal is a huge challenge in our part of the country, regenerative farming enables us to grow highly flavorful fruit and vegetables, while protecting Highlands’ residents, waterways, soil, air, and wildlife from toxic agricultural chemicals.

We see our work as a proof of concept that we can share with other farmers who don't have the resources to explore and innovate in this cutting edge approach to commercial-scale holistic orcharding in the Northeast.

Ironbound Farm is a vineyard, crop and animal farm, offers CSA program, farm store and a farm to table restaurant! Worth the visit!!

To learn more, visit the farm online here.

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